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Photo above: Mark, Gerald and Jeff La Favre, summit of Split Mountain. August, 1977

Jeff La Favre's High Sierra Trips


Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. -- John Muir


About my Trips

Summaries of my Sierra trips


My first High Sierra experience came in 1970, with a backpack trip from Kings Canyon to Mt. Whitney. For nine days my brother, Vic, and I explored the back country of Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks, climbing more than 18,000 feet in elevation and covering a distance of 104 miles. We carried all of our equipment and food in backpacks, drank from innumerable snow-fed streams, and cooked over wood fires. It was a journey I will never forget.

New! Complete set of 1970 trip photographs.

CLICK HERE   Zumwalt Meadows (Kings Canyon) to Mt. Whitney and return


Five years later I was introduced to High Sierra mountaineering by my uncle, Gerald La Favre. This was the first of several trips I would enjoy with my uncle and his son, Mark. In the years that followed, there were a couple of "shake-down" hikes and five more major trips. In all, I climbed twelve mountains, hiked more than 400 miles, and gained more than 100,000 feet in elevation.

New! Complete set of 1975 trip photographs.

CLICK HERE   Crescent Meadow (Giant Forest) to Mineral King, July 4 - 11, 1975

New! Complete set of 1977 trip photographs.

CLICK HERE   Onion Valley to South Lake

New! Complete set of 1979 trip photographs.

CLICK HERE   South Lake to North Lake, August 19 - 27, 1979

New! Complete set of 1981 trip photographs.

CLICK HERE   Onion Valley to Mt. Clarence King and return

New! Complete set of 1984 trip photographs.

CLICK HERE   Agnew Meadow to Glacier Point

New! Complete set of 1985 trip photographs.

CLICK HERE   South Lake to North Lake

New! Complete set of 2000 trip photographs.

CLICK HERE   South Lake to Dusy Basin, then to Knapsack Pass