Printed May 1987

Thanks to all the Christensen family it has been fascinating putting the pieces together for this book. Our computer and printer held out disproving the law "if anything can go wrong it will" and the excitement of finishing is here.

We are surely indebted to those who took the extra time to add the historically valuable and enjoyable stories and remembrances to their contributions for the book. We still have some gaps which I hope to be able to fill - even if it just makes a more complete record as a framework for future research. So as you read and know of additions (or corrections) please send me notes.

Aunt Ethel (Shutts) Swain has kept various records, photos and stories. And Wayne Christensen did some research and writing down several years ago that is invaluable to the family records.

Generally, the rest of the information included has come from the completed forms sent to me specifically for this book in preparation for the 1987 Christensen reunion. I was very pleased with the response to the form which must have been equivalent to "Junk Mail" for those who did not know what we planned to do, or even who we were. Thank you for your patience, interest and participation!

Mom (B. Rowenna Schram [Richards] Erbach) had the idea for the cover and song and rewrote the words to the old Danish folk tune.

And Garnet Richards (my brother Roy's wife) has produced a 1987-8 calendar with family dates and many photos which we hope will put faces with some of the names in this book. It will be included with books purchased this summer. Later year editions of the calendar might be done if there is interest.

For those who are Genealogy buffs and are familiar with the Mormon Genealogy system (a fantastic contribution to the whole world in providing access to all kinds of records- not just for Mormons) I would be glad to share film numbers, advice, and sources of my findings so far.

Even as the book goes to press, I'm thinking of some things left out, but the length is within the printer's estimate and I guess a family is "living" and a book about family could never be complete.


Rowenna Joan Richards Blum