From Wayne Christensen

CHRISTEN JENSEN. Born February 2, 1815, in the village of Kold (probably "Rold"- rjb), Alborg County, Denmark. Died in Shelby County, Iowa, November 16, 1886. Married in Denmark to:

ANNA KJERSTINE LARSEN. Born September 26, 1823, near the village of Elleshoj, Alborg County, Denmark. Died in Shelby County Iowa, June 7, 1904.

Their children were:

1. HANNAH CHRISTENSEN. Born November 24, 1848. Died January 12, 1944. Married in Denmark , 1869, to:
SOREN SCOTT. Born 1849 Died: 1922. They had 14 children. Ten died in Denmark. Four were born in Shelby County Iowa and lived. They are: SERENA who married MARTIN CHRISTOPHERSEN; MILLIE who married CLIFTON CHRISTENSEN; MARTIN; and PETRA.

2. LARS CHRISTIAN CHRISTENSEN. Born January 21, 1851. Died April 6, 1941.
Married in Denmark to AMALIA Born ? Died?
Their two boys were born in Denmark, the girls in America. Their children are: CHRIS. Born May 25, 1875; JIM; EMMA; and JOSIE. Josie was born May 28, 1890 in Atlantic, Iowa. She married PETER BISGARD who was killed June 8, 1930 in a car accident. Josie died in Harlan, Iowa, March 5, 1943.

JENS PETER CHRISTENSEN. Born 28 Sept 1853 In Veggerby Parish, Alborg Co., Denmark Died 22 July 1885 Shelby Co., IA
He never married. He drowned in the Nishnabotna River near Avoca, Iowa. When he died his farm went to his parents. This was enough to help keep these old folks until they died.

NELS CHRISTIAN CHRISTENSEN. Born 17 Sept 1855 In Veggerby Parish, Alborg Co., Denmark Died 17 Feb 1939 in MN Married to:

Born? Died 25 Oct 1893
She had a son born in Denmark by a prior marriage. When her first husband died she brought the son to America. Her son John assumed the name Christensen when she and Nels were married. Their children are: JOSEPH, CHRIS, and ANNA.

b. MARY on ?
Born ? Died ?
When Nels' first wife died in childbirth having Anna, he remarried to this woman named Mary. Their children are: EMMA, EDNA, CLARENCE and MABEL.

5. CHRISTENA CHRISTENSEN. Born 26 November 1857 in the village of Braste, Veggerby Parish, Alborg County, Denmark. Died 13 September 1956. Married in Iowa to:
CHRIS BERGER. Born 1849 Died 1922
Chris had four children by a prior marriage. Christena and Chris' children are: ALICE who married EVERETT PAULSEN; and FREDDIE.

6. ANDREW CHRISTENSEN. Born 27 June 1859 in Alborg County Denmark. Died January 23, 1944 in Harlan, Iowa. Married April 2, 1884 to:
MARY PETERSEN. Born October 5, 1864, in the village of Ingstrup, Hjørring County, Denmark. Died May 21, 1946, in Harlan, Iowa. Their children are: ANNA, PETRA, LYDIA, RAYMOND, ESTHER, MAGNUS, AGNES, EZRA, HARVEY, ETHEL (This is the line continued in this book)

7. SOREN CHRISTENSEN. Born in the village of in Denmark.
Died about 1920 in Council Bluffs, Iowa from a gun shot wound. The person was never known who shot him.


From Rowenna Joan Richards Blum in 1987

Last fall in Salt Lake City at the Mormon Genealogical Library I spent 3 days in the Danish records section. It's a pleasure to work in the Danish records as they were standardized early (1813) and even with little Danish I could find and confirm some of what Wayne had above.

In trying to find young Christen Jensen with his parents I ran into blind alleys until a very helpful assistant at the library became interested in my problem and challenged to help.

We found a Christen Jensen married to Ane Kirstine Larsen on 30 October 1848 in Gravlev Parish, Alborg Co., Denmark. And that Christen Jensen was born 9 Feb 1817 on a farm named Nysom, in the Parish of Ravnkilde which is near Rold, in Alborg Co. (The date of birth being off by several years is not too unusual, but of course leaves reason to do further research.) The researcher at the library felt there were enough "matches" in the records to indicate that this is our family. They had a child named Johanna (possibly named after Christen's mother Johanne) Marie born the same date Wayne found - 24 Nov 1848 and Ane Kirstine's birthdate and place are the same as Wayne's information.

This Christen Jensen and his parents (Jens Christensen and A. Johanne Andersdätter) lived a hard life. His parents moved from Rold when he was 6 yrs old. They are in Svenstrup Parish when he was 11 (1828), and back to Rold when he was 12 years old (1829). August 20, of that year, his father died by suicide. His mother was left very poor and young Christen probably had to earn his own keep and possibly try to help his mother and siblings. A few years later his mother died. This must have put him on to a life of lonely wandering. We followed his military registrations (they were required to register every move in and out of a parish): 16 yr old in 1834 moving from Rold, 1834-5 in Aarestrup, 1838 in Budderup, 1839-41 in Aarestrup, 1842 in Veggerby, 1846 in Fraer, 31 year old in 1848 working in Thustrup (where Ane Kirstine's parents lived and that was the year he married.)

Notes in the parish records at the time of Jens Christensen's suicide said it would be permitted for him to be buried in the church cemetery though the family did not choose to do so. (The woman who was helping me with the research in Salt Lake City said that was an indication of his good character). We also looked in the probate records at the time of his death and found his death is listed, but he was apparently very pour and nothing was left to his heirs.


The family into which Christen Jensen was born:

Father: JENS CHRISTENSEN b. about 1794 died 20 Aug 1829 Rold Parish

Mother: A. JOHANNE ANDERSDÄTTER b. 12 March 1797 in Skorping (The birth registration of A. Johanne says her father was a coach man, but does not give his name beyond "Anders.") A. Johanne died 22 June 1839 in Rold Parish, Alborg Co., Denmark.

Children: CHRISTEN JENSEN b. 9 Feb 1817 Ravnkilde parish
NIELS JENSEN b. 2 Nov 1822 Rold
ANE KATHERINE b. 3 July 1825 Rold
IVER b. 14 Nov 1828 Rold, died 4 June 1830 Rold

The family into which Anne Kirstine Larsen was born:

(These are the names in the register of Anne Kirstine's birth)

This is where my three days in Salt Lake City left off. Aunt Ethel has some Danish registry addresses where requests for information can be sent. This information should be requested & compared with the above before I would feel sure we are climbing the right family tree. rjb