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Lessons for Second Year Seniors 2023

Infrared Module for Line following robot

Wiring module on a breadboard Members who have completed their line following robot will begin work on this at our January meeting.

Capacitor lesson

Leyden Jar lesson

IR Schematic Exercise - this exercise is designed to teach members the function of each component of the IR module.


IR emitter data sheet

voltage regulator data sheet

Hex Schmitt-Trigger Inverter data sheet

IR receiver module data sheet

Data sheet for LM393 IC chip used in this lesson.

Data sheet for transistors used in this lesson.

Data sheet for red LED used in this lesson.

Data sheet for Schottky diode used in this lesson.

Data sheet for switch used in this lesson.

Data sheet for green LED used in this lesson.

Wiring module on a circuit board Members who have completed wiring this module on the breadboard will use these instructions to complete the module to be attached to the robot.

Mount your IR board to robot

Parts list for robot and IR add-on. This is old list, new list soon.

How does an IR TV remote work? This lesson explores the infrared control codes sent to a TV by an IR remote. Members should read this lesson after the "Wiring module on breadboard" lesson

Digital Modulation - how is digital information sent through a wire or the air?


Crystal Radio Project

Members start this project after completing IR add-on board.

Crystal Radio Project - Lesson 1 Crystal Radio Project

Crystal Radio Project - Lesson 1a Winding the coils for Crystal Radio

Crystal Radio Project - Lesson 2 Crystal Radio Assembly

Crystal Radio Project - Lesson 3 Understanding and Operating your Crystal Radio. This lesson completes the Crystal Radio project (except amplifier). Please read this as you near completion of your radio.

As part of the Crystal Radio project, members will construct an audio amplifier for the crystal radio. The audio amplifier can also satisfy part of the requirements of the 4-H project book "Entering Electronics." The last activity in the "Entering Electronics" book is also an audio amplifier. Unfortunately, the integrated circuit specified in the activity is no longer available. Another IC chip, LM386, can be substituted for the obsolete chip, but requires a different circuit. Instructions for the audio amplifier with LM386 IC are available at the link below. Parts for completing the project are available from Mr. La Favre.

Audio Amplifier project This is old instructions for those working with kits distributed before March 2020

Audio Amplifier project NEW INSTRUCTIONS for kits distributed March 2020 and later

Parts list for radio and amplifier This is an old list. New one coming soon.


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Last update: January 19, 2023