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UnLimbited Arm v2.1 - Alfie Edition Parts

These parts were printed by Alyssa Mobley at 120% size. The filament is PETG (Inland brand, 1.75 mm). The printer used is MakerGear M2 v4 Rev. E. Print software used is Simplify3D ver. 3.1.1.

Click on image to view high resolution version. Bottom side in designation equals surface contacting printer bed.

Cuff - top side.

Cuff - bottom side

Cuff - side view.


Fingers - top view

Forearm - top side

Forearm - bottom side

Palm - back side

Palm - front view

Palm - side view

Pins - side view

Pins - top view

Proximal Phalanges

Proximal Phalanges - side view

Cuff - formed

Forearm - formed

Assembled Arm

Last update August 24, 2019