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Micromouse Contest

This is the project page for the Micromouse Contest at National Robotics Challenge, 2019

The National Robotics Challenge has announced a new contest for 2019: Micromouse Contest. At the time of this writing (October 17, 2018), there are no GEAR members preparing for this contest. Nevertheless, this page has been established in the anticipation that we will have members entering this contest in the future. A maze, constructed to NRC specifications, is currently under construction and will be available soon for GEAR members to use.

If you would like to learn more about the micromouse contest, we suggest you start by reading pages 38 through 41 of the 2019 NRC manual available at this link: NRC Manual

The micromouse contest is very challenging, particularly in the area of programming. In order to help you with this contest, we suggest you take a look at the resources listed below.

Ng Beng Kiat, winner of many micromouse contests

Extensive tutorials on programming a micromouse. Here you will find many video tutorials on various aspects of programming a micromouse. Pay particular attention to the more advanced tutorials under the subject headings listed below.

Last update: October 17, 2018