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GEAR Junior Group Lessons

Starting in 2020 GEAR will add a third year to the Junior Group, which will work on programming an Edison robot. This page will contain links to lessons developed by the makers of Edison.

We will start learning to program Edison by using the EdScratch programming environment. EdScratch works in your web browser. In your web browser enter this address to load EdScratch: or use this link.

The EdScratch Lesson Plans Set by Kat Kennewell and Jin Peng is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Parts of the Edison Robot Read this to get started learning about Edison.

More detail about parts of the Edison Robot Read this for a detailed description of the parts of the robot.

Barcodes and built-in programs Learn how to make Edison run built-in programs by scanning a barcode.

Barcode pages GEAR advisors will print these pages for you before the meeting. You will make Edison read the barcodes and it will then run the programs coded by barcode.

Start to learn about EdScratch EdScratch is the programming language you will learn for programming the Edison robot. You can get a head start by reading these pages before our first meeting.

EdScratch worksheets GEAR advisors will print these out for you. You will use these to start learning how to use EdScratch.

Warnings All computer programmers make mistakes when they write computer programs. When you make a mistake using EdScratch, it may let you know. Read this to learn about warnings.

Activity sheets GEAR advisors will print these out for you. You will need these to complete the lessons in this part.

Last update: January 22, 2020