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GEAR 3rd Year Junior Lessons - 2021

Third year Juniors will work on programming an Edison robot. This page contains a list of lessons you should complete in the Edison Activity Book

How Do I Program the Robot?

We will start learning to program Edison by using the EdScratch programming environment. EdScratch works in your web browser. In your web browser enter this address to load EdScratch: or use this link. We suggest that you bookmark this webpage in your browser because you will need to use it every time you write a program for the robot.

My Edison Robot is not working - what should I do?

For trouble shooting assistance with Edison robot, see this page:

If your robot was working but now has stopped working, its batteries may need to be recharged. We would be happy to provide you with a set of fresh batteries if you drop the robot at the La Favre front door. Just let us know when you plan to come. We will change the batteries while you wait.

You can also charge the batteries yourself if you have a charger designed to charge nickel metal hydride (Ni-MH) batteries. Please insure your charger is designed to charge Ni-HM batteries. Alternatively, you can use four AAA batteries bought at the store, but only if they are of the ALKALINE type. Changing the batteries can be a bit tricky. Slip a fingernail underneath one of the tabs on the battery cover at the back of the robot to open the battery compartment. Remove the batteries. Insert the fresh batteries, as seen in the photo below. THE BATTERIES MUST BE INSERTED IN THE PROPER PATTERN IN ORDER TO AVOID IRREPARABLE DAMAGE TO THE ROBOT ELECTRONICS. After all four batteries are inserted part way into the compartment, then push them all the way in and replace the door

batteries inserted


The EdScratch Lesson Plans Set by Kat Kennewell and Jin Peng is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Parts of the Edison Robot Read this to get started learning about Edison.

More detail about parts of the Edison Robot Read this for a detailed description of the parts of the robot.

Online lessons from Edison Robot company

The lessons you will complete are in a book available online at this link:     We suggest that you download a copy of this book to your computer. Below is a list of the lessons you should complete.

IMPORTANT! Some of the pages in the book should be printed and these are listed. The pages to print are the worksheets, where you answer questions. When you complete the worksheets for a lesson, take a photo of the pages (or scan them) and send them to Mr. La Favre. He will check your work.

Pages 23 to 27   U1-2.1 Let's explore the EdScratch environment, print page 27

Page 28   U1-2.1a Challenge up: Download another!, print page 28

Pages 30-31   U1-2.2 Let's explore warning messages , print page 31
In this lesson you will be asked to download another demo program and test it out. When you try to do this, sometimes the website does not work correctly.If you get this message: Please login to access your saved programs, then close the message box and try again. When it works correctly, you should get the following list of demo programs: Test_Program, Moving_with_music, Follow_a_line, Bounce_in_borders, Warning_messages_demo, Clap_controlled_driving, Avoid_obstacles, Follow_a_torch, Line_tracking_using_if_statement
Some of these programs require the use of an Activity Sheet, which you need to print. For Follow_a_line and Line_tracking_using_if_statement, print Activity sheet on page 32,For Bounce_in_borders, print Activity sheet on page 33.

Unit 2: Move it

Pages 41-42   U2-1.2 Let's explore going step-by-step in EdScratch, print p 41 and 42

Pages 43-44   U2-1.3 Let's explore driving Edison, print p 44 and activity sheets U2-2 and U2-3 pages 78 and 79

Page 45   U2-1.3a Challenge up: Maze madness

Page 46   U2-1.3b Challenge up: Self-walking pet, no pages to print

Pages 47-50   U2-2.1 Let's explore Edison's outputs, print p 48, 50

Page 51   U2-2.1a Challenge up: Drive the maze safely

Pages 52-53   U2-2.2 Let's explore input parameters, print p 53

Pages 54-56   U2-2.2a Change it up: Teach Edison to count to 9, print p 54, 55, 56 select two and print activity sheets on p 80, 81, 82, 83

Page 57   U2-2.2b Challenge up: Teach Edison to count to 9 out loud

EXTRA LESSON by Mr. La Favre   Making Edison Trace a Number Accurately DOWNLOAD

Pages 58-61   U2-2.3 Let's explore Edison's musical talents, print p 59, 60

Page 62   U2-2.3a Change it up: Play a song in a round

Page 63   U2-2.3b Challenge up: You are the conductor

Pages 64-67   U2-2.4 Let's explore bugs and debugging, print p 67

Pages 68-72   U2-2.5 Let's explore Edison's motors, print p 68, 69, 70, 71, 72

Page 75   U2-2.5c Challenge up: Cartographer and navigator

Page 76   U2-2.5d Challenge up: Writer and director

Unit 3: Got loops?

Pages 85-87   U3-1.1 Let's explore repeating steps, print p 85, 87, activity sheet U3-1 p 118

Page 88   U3-1.1a Change it up: Drive a triangle, print p 88, activity sheet U3-2 p 119

Page 89   U3-1.1b Change it up: Drive a hexagon, print p 89, activity sheet U3-3 p 120

Page 90   U3-1.1c Challenge up: Choose your shape, print p 90

Pages 91-92   U3-1.1d Challenge up: Drive a circle, print p 91, 92, activity sheet U3-4 p 121

Page 93   U3-1.1e Change it up: Drive a square?, print p 93

Page 94   U3-1.1f Challenge up: Doodle-bot challenge, print p 94

Pages 95-96   U3-1.2 Let's explore loops and sequence, print p 96, activity sheet U3-5 p 122

Pages 97-98   U3-1.3 Let's explore forever loops, print p 98

Page 99   U3-1.3a Challenge up: Earworm

Pages 100-103   U3-1.4 Let's explore stacking and nesting loops, print p 102, 103, activity sheet U3-6 p 123

Page 104   U3-1.4a Change it up: Edison the designer , print activity sheet U3-7 p 124

Pages 106-108   U3-2.1 Let's explore interrupting the main program, print p 107, 108

Page 109   U3-2.1a Change it up: Try a clap instead

Page 110   U3-2.1b Challenge up: Cheater bot

Page 111   U3-2.1c Challenge up: Pick one

Pages 112-114   U3-2.2 Let's explore comments in coding, print p 114

Pages 115-116   U3-2.2a Challenge up: Create and comment, print p 115, 116

Unit 4: What if...

Pages 126-129   U4-1.1 Let's explore using conditionals, print p 127, 128, 129

Pages 130-133   U4-1.1a Change it up: Robot error or human error?, print p 131, 132, 133

Pages 134-136   U4-1.2 Let's explore if statements, print p 134, 136, U4-1 activity sheet page 179

Pages 137-139   U4-1.3 Let's explore if statements and sequence, print p 137, 138, 139

Pages 140-143   U4-1.4 Let's explore stacking and nesting if statements, print p 141, 143

Pages 145-147   U4-2.1 Let's explore pseudocode, print p 147, activity sheet U4-2 page 180

Pages 149-151   U4-2.2 Let's explore Edison's line tracker, print p 149, 150, activity sheet U4-3 page 181

Page 152   U4-2.2a Change it up: Drive inside a border, print p 152, U4-4 activity sheet page 182

Pages 153-155   U4-2.3 Let's explore algorithms, print p 155

Pages 156-157   U4-2.3a Challenge up: There's more than one way to follow a line, print p 157

Pages 158-160   U4-2.4 Let's explore Edison's obstacle detection, print p 160

Page 161   U4-2.4a Change it up: Faster, faster, smash?, print p 161

Page 162   U4-2.4b Challenge up: If line, go right. If obstacle, go left, print activity sheet U4-5 page 183

Page 163   U4-2.4c Change it up: Where is the obstacle?, no pages to print

Page 164   U4-2.4d Challenge up: 3D maze, no pages to print

Page 178   U4-2.5f Challenge up: Homing pigeons, no pages to print

Unit 5: Versatile variables

Pages 186-188   U5-1.1 Let's explore expressions, print p 188

Pages 189-191   U5-1.2 Let's explore Edison's light sensors, print p 191

Page 192   U5-1.2a Change it up: Edison the moth, no pages to print

Page 193   U5-1.2b Challenge up: Edison the cockroach, print p 193

Pages 194-198   U5-1.3 Let's explore variables, print p 197, 198

Page 199   U5-1.3a Challenge up: Spiralling spider trap, no pages to print

Page 200   U5-1.3b Change it up: Drive a random square, print p 200

Pages 201-202   U5-1.4 Let's explore using variables with sensor data, print p 201, 202

Page 203   U5-1.4a Challenge up: Edison the sprinter, print activity sheet U5-1 (page 217)

Lessons that require additonal equipment

Up to this point you have not been assigned exercises that require more than one robot or extra equipment. Now that you have learned most of the programming for the robot, you can go back and do the exercises that require additional equipment. GEAR has a limited number of Edison robots. If we have an extra one available, you can check out a second robot. GEAR also has some EdCreate kits and you may check out one. Many of the exercises listed below also require a TV remote control. If you don't have a TV remote control, you can borrow one from GEAR.

Pages 17-18   U1-1.2c Change it up: TV remote control barcodes, print p 17 and activity sheet U1-3 (page 34)
The exercises that utilize the EdCreate kit require that you control the robot by TV remote control. This exercise teaches you how to program Edison to receive coded information from your TV remote. Don't worry, this will not make any changes to your TV remote. It will still work properly in controlling your TV.

Page 20   U1-1.2e Challenge up: Build and control the EdTank, print p 20
requires two robots and EdCreate kit and remote

Page 21   U1-1.2f Challenge up: Build and control the EdRoboClaw, print p 21
requires two robots and EdCreate kit and remote

Page 22   U1-1.2g Challenge up: Build and control the EdDigger, print p 22
requires two robots and EdCreate kit and remote

Page 144   U4-1.4a Challenge up: Build a pulley, print p 144.
If you do not have an EdCreate kit or Lego parts, just imagine that one of the Edison robot wheels is a pulley. Just make one of the Edison robot wheels behave like a pulley as suggested in this activity.

Pages 165-167   U4-2.5 Let's explore messaging with Edison, print p 166.
This exercise requires two edison robots. However, you do not need to work with a partner.

Pages 168-169   U4-2.5a Change it up: Remote-controlled flag machine, print Activity sheet U4-6 (page 184)
In this exercise you will need a TV remote control.

Pages 170-171   U4-2.5b Challenge up: Build and control the EdCrane, print p 170 and Activity sheet U4-6 (page 184)
You will need an EdCreate kit and TV remote to do this exercise. This exercise requires only one robot.

Pages 172-173   U4-2.5c Challenge up: Firefighting water cannon, no pages to print
You will need an EdCreate kit to do this exercise. You will also need two robots for this exercise.

Pages 174-175   U4-2.5d Challenge up: Semi-automated digger, no pages to print
You will need an EdCreate kit and TV remote to do this exercise. You will also need two robots.

Pages 176-177   U4-2.5e Challenge up: Hazardous material removal, no pages to print
You will need an EdCreate kit and two robots. The use of a TV remote is optional.

Pages 204-206   U5-1.4b Change it up: Edison-controlled flag machine, print p 205
Requires two edison robots

Pages 207-211   U5-1.4c Change it up: Hey Edison, where do I go?, print p 209
Requires two edison robots

Unit 6: Inventor's time!

Pages 219-224   U6-1.1 Let's explore the design-build-test cycle, print p 221, 222, 223, 224 and Activity sheet U6-1 (page 240)

Page 225   U6-1.1a Challenge up: Invent an imaginary creature, no pages to print

Page 226   U6-1.1b Challenge up: Invent a cotton ball launcher, no pages to print

Page 227   U6-1.1c Challenge up: Invent a burglar alarm, no pages to print

Page 228   U6-1.1d Challenge up: Invent a mousetrap, no pages to print

Page 229   U6-1.1e Challenge up: Invent a combination safe, no pages to print

Page 230-239   U6-1.2 Let's explore a haunted house, print p 232, 233, 234, 235, 236, 237, 238, 239

Do you want to learn a new programming language?

When you have completed the lessons using EdScratch, you might want to go on and learn another way to program Edison. Edison can be programmed with EdPy, which is based on the popular programming language named Python. When you start learning Python, you begin a journey that will allow you to do advanced programming.

GEAR advisors have not selected a series of EdPy lessons for you at this time. Nevertheless, you can check out EdPy at this web site:

Last update: February 1, 2021