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GEAR Journeymen

GEAR members advance to Journeyman status once they have completed years one, two and three of the senior group curriculum. After completing the senior curriculum, members have a foundation in electronics and computer programming. As a GEAR Journeyman, a member develops a project of their own, which may be completed in one or more years. GEAR advisors will be available to mentor our Journeymen, but each Journeyman will be expected to take on the primary role in project development.

At GEAR's monthly business meetings, members in the Junior and Senior groups work through the curriculum established by the advisers. Starting in 2018, Journeymen will spend the first few business meetings learning how to use Onshape (computer aided design software). When the member has sufficient skills, they will be assigned to produce an Onshape model of the frame for the GEAR line following robot. Line drawings for the frame are provided below for reference.

Learning Onshape

At GEAR business meetings, Journeymen will work on the Onshape lessons created by Jeffrey La Favre. These lessons are available on this web page:

Please note that there are additional lessons for learning Fusion 360 software on the page linked above. Onshape is probably the best choice for our meetings, unless we have problems with connectivity to the Internet. If you decide to try Fusion 360 instead, PLEASE INSTALL THE SOFTWARE BEFORE YOU COME TO THE GEAR MEETING.

Line Following Robot Frame

Once you have completed the lessons linked above, you will create a 3-D model of a frame for GEAR's line following robot. You may elect to strictly copy the model provided in the drawings linked below. You have the option to modify the frame, but must consult with GEAR advisors to ensure your model will produce a proper frame. Once your model is complete, it will be printed out using GEAR's 3-D printer. You then have the opportunity to donate your frame to a first year senior member, who will use it to complete their line following robot project. You may also print a copy of the frame for your own line following robot. You may also take the project further in developing a body for the robot. However, you should concentrate most of your efforts for the year on the project you develop as your Journeyman project.

Top View

Side View

Back View

Front View

Isometric View

Another Isometric View



Last update: February 28, 2018