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GEAR Awards at National Robotics Challenge

GEAR Wins Four Awards in 2024!

GEAR Wins Honda Innovation Award nomination for Micromouse in 2022!

GEAR Wins Two Gold Awards in 2019!

GEAR Wins Five Awards in 2018!

GEAR Wins Seven Awards in 2017!
    Watch our video of 2017 NRC!

List of All NRC Awards won by GEAR

Electrical Safety

All GEAR projects involving electricity employ voltages below 20 volts. This policy eliminates the dangers of working with higher voltages. While many electronic devices are powered from low voltage sources (e.g. batteries), many others are powered by higher voltage AC sources (e.g., 120 volts) supplied in the home via electrical outlets. As our members become proficient in electronics work, they may desire to take on repair work or projects that employ higher voltages for power. While this type of work will not be done as part of the GEAR curriculum, our advisors would like to offer some information for you to consider as parents and club members. Please review the information provided in the link below before proceeding with any work involving voltages higher than 20 volts.

Electrical Safety

GEAR Curriculum for 2023

Lesson for Juniors

Lessons for First Year Seniors

Lessons for Second Year Seniors

Lessons for Third Year Seniors

Lessons for Fourth Year Seniors

GEAR Journeymen Page


Prosthetics Project

e-NABLE is a network of thousands of volunteers around the world, making prostheses (artificial arms and hands) for people in need. This is a wonderful service opportunity for GEAR members. Our adviser, Mr. La Favre, earned badges in fabrication and assembly of the UnLimbited Arm version 2.1. He is now qualified to build arms for people in need and able to help our members become qualified fabricators and assemblers.

GEAR member Alyssa Mobley earned badges in fabrication and assembly in August of 2019. Photos of her prosthetic project are available at this link She completed a prosthetic hand for a person in need in 2022. She won a top award for this project at the Ohio State Fair. There is more about her project at this link More about Alyssa's project

NRC Autonomous Vehicle Challenge project

For the 2019 NRC, GEAR entered the Autonomous Vehicle Challenge. GEAR's AVC page

NRC Micromouse project

GEAR members Jim Horwitz and Rob Sunderhaft built a robot for the new Micromouse contest at the 2019 NRC. Unfortunately, they could not finish the project in time for the contest. Three weeks later their robot was able to solve the maze. Jim and Rob were registered to enter the contest in 2020 but the NRC was canceled that year due to the pandemic. Jim and Rob started university in the fall of 2020 and were no longer members of GEAR. GEAR members Grant Congdon and Bryn Morgan continued GEAR's effort to enter the Micromouse Contest and won a Honda Innovation Award nomination for their robot in 2022. GEAR's Micromouse page

NRC Rescue Robot contest

The Art and Science of Selecting Robot Motors
By John Piccirillo, Ph.D. (GEAR thanks Dr. Piccirillo for permission to post a copy of his paper)

Manual for Radio Controller used on our robots


Learning to use computer-aided design (CAD) software

Members wishing to use the new club 3-D printer for GEAR projects will need to learn how to use CAD software. Use the link below to get started learning CAD.

Learn CAD


Preparing for your Internet of Things (IoT) project

If you are thinking about doing an Internet of Things project, it is a good idea to learn about how the Internet works. This page can help

Astronomy projects

If you are thinking about doing an astronomy project: This page can help

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