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GEAR wins Honda Innovation Award nomination at 2022 NRC!

(left to right): Bryn Morgan and Grant Congdon, at their interview station for Honda Innovation Award



Bryn and Grant's Micromouse

1: Power Distribution Board for Sensors, Encoders, Arduino
2: Arduino Uno Wifi Rev 2
3: Adafruit Motor Shield w/ 4 Adafruit N20 Motors (1:50 Gearbox + Encoders)
4: Square Wave Generator for controlling the IR emitters
5: 5v Voltage Regulator
6: IR distance sensor (four pair of IR LED emitter and IR phototransistor)

This is a custom built robot, made by Grant Congdon and Bryn Morgan for the Micromouse Competition. It's powered by an Arduino Uno Wifi Rev 2, and uses an Adafruit Motor Shield. This Motor Shield powers and controls the 4 5v DC N20 Motors from Adafruit with 1:50 Gearboxes and Dual Hall-Effect Encoders. The Arduino also connects to 4 custom made IR Distance Sensors, controlled by custom made power distribution and control boards. All this is powered by a 9v battery which passes through a 5v regulator, and is built on a custom designed, 3D printed, chassis. The Arduino contains all the logic required to control the motors and navigate intelligently through a maze, no other microprocessor is needed.



Last update: April 19, 2022