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GEAR Wins seven awards at 2017 NRC!

The following GEAR members participated at the 2017 National Robotics Challenge, April 6 to 8.

Robot Maze Contests

Gregory Wenner: Silver Award, tactile maze robot, middle school division, Gold Award, non-tactile maze robot, middle school division, Honda Innovation Award nomination for tactile maze robot.

Alyssa Mobley: Silver Award, non-tactile maze robot, middle school division

Peter Wesen: 4th place, non-tactile maze robot, middle school division

Rob Sunderhaft: participant in non-tactile maze robot, high school division. Despite a very concerted effort, and many successful practice runs, Rob was unable to make an official run through the maze in his three allotted runs, without touching a wall. Those of us familiar with our club robots know that the maze runs involve a certain element of luck. Luck was not on Rob's side this year.

Ryan Mobley and Mitchell Wesen: Bronze Award, non-tactile maze robot, elementary school division.

Rescue Robot Contest

Grant Congdon, Aidan Dondero and Bryn Morgan (operator): Silver Award, rescue robot, middle school division

Luke Reed (operator), Gregory Wenner and Gordon Zeitz: Bronze Award, rescue robot, middle school division


Watch videos of our Rescue Robots! (provided by Julie Patterson)

Congdon-Morgan-Dondero team

Wenner-Zeitz-Reed team

Match between our two teams

Photos from 2017 NRC by Julie Patterson, Deana Mobley and Jeff La Favre - click on image to load a larger version

Practicing for Rescue Robot contest (Bryn Morgan, left, and Grant Congdon).


Our Silver Award-winning team, rescue robot, middle school division (from left; Grant Congdon, Bryn Morgan, Aidan Dondero)


Mrs. La Favre provides advice to one of our rescue robot teams.


At the "pits" for robot maze contest. From left: Mr. Zeitz, Alyssa Mobley, Gordon Zeitz, Ryan Mobley


Practicing for rescue robot contest (Bryn Morgan, operator, Grant Congdon is holding video monitor). Mr. Morgan, Mr. Wenner and Gregory Wenner observing the run.

Results of robot maze, non-tactile contest after first round of runs. Level 0 is elementary school, level 1 middle school, level 2 high school, level 3 post secondary. Robot 13 (Alyssa Mobley) has the fastest time at 16.8 seconds. Robot 12 (Peter Wesen) is in third place at 24.1 seconds. After all three rounds, results for middle school were: Gold - Gregory Wenner, Silver Alyssa Mobley and in fourth place Peter Wesen. For elementary school Bronze - Ryan Mobley and Mitchell Wesen. Way to go GEAR! Notice that all three times for middle school are faster than for high school and post secondary after first round.


Our Bronze Award-winning rescue robot team, middle school division - Luke Reed (on left) and Gordon Zeitz (Gregory Wenner, not pictured, was our third member on this team). - large format photo not available




Prototype ball grabber made from Lego parts for GEAR's Silver Award-wining rescue robot.

GEAR's Silver Award-wining robot. This robot has several 3-D printed parts done by Aidan Dondero (blue plastic parts). These include the ball grabbing device, two wheels at tip of arm, combination flashlight holder/video camera holder. The design of the ball grabber was a collaborative effort by all three team members, resulting in a prototype built from Lego parts (photo at left). Aidan took that design and created a 3-D model in Onshape (CAD software), exported the model and used the club 3-D printer to make the part. Our printer (MakerGear) was donated by Mr. Todd Zeitz.

In the final round of the contest, the teeth of an internal gear of the arm servo were stripped due to excessive back drive force, crippling the arm and forcing our team to forfeit to the team that won Gold. We will rectify this problem for next year's contest!


Gregory Wenner, nominee for the prestigious Honda Innovation Award. Gregory is pictured here at his interview station for the award. On the left is his non-tactile maze robot that won the Gold Award and on right is his tactile maze robot, which won the Silver Award. Gregory was nominated for the Honda Innovation Award for the programming work he did on his tactile robot. His tactile robot made 3 perfect runs in the maze, which we think caught the eye of one of the judges.


Our Silver Award rescue robot entering the "cave." Both of our rescue robots were equipped with wireless video cameras, allowing the operators to see inside the cave.


GEAR members, from left, Gregory Wenner, Peter Wesen and Alyssa Mobley, watch as Peter's non-tactile maze robot runs the course during practice. After the first round of runs, Peter's robot was in 3rd place. After all three rounds of runs, Peter finished in 4th place.


Gregory Wenner, being interviewed for Honda Innovation Award by judges from Honda. Gregory was nominated for this award for programming of his tactile maze robot, which he is holding in his hands.

Gregory Wenner's tactile robot running the maze (Gregory on far right).


GEAR's silver award rescue robot climbs the stairs with ease. Team member Aidan Dondero on far left is holding the video monitor for robot camera.

GEAR's bronze award rescue robot crests the stairs with power to spare. Team members from left to right: Luke Reed (operator), Gregory Wenner (holding video monitor) and Gordon Zeitz (keeping a close eye on the robot).


Rescue robot going for first ball, located at top of stairs.

GEAR's bronze award rescue robot going for second ball. Unfortunately, the first ball was dropped at top of stairs.


Rescue robot after dropping off two balls. Now headed to the cave for last ball. Unfortunately, the 3 minute period expired before the last ball could be retrieved.

Gregory Wenner accepting the Silver Award, tactile robot maze, middle school division.

Aidan Dondero accepts the Silver Award for Alyssa Mobley, non-tactile robot maze, middle school division. Aidan used CAD software to model wheel-diameter extenders for Alyssa's robot and used the club's 3-D printer to manufacture the extenders. Alyssa was unable to attend the award ceremony.


Gregory Wenner accepting the Gold Award, non-tactile maze, middle school division.

From left to right, Grant Congdon, Bryn Morgan and Aidan Dondero, accept the Silver Award, middle school division, for their rescue robot.


From left to right, Gregory Wenner, Luke Reed and Gordon Zeitz, accept the Bronze Award, middle school division, for their rescue robot.

Gregory Wenner (far right) and other contestants nominated for the prestigious Honda Innovation Award. (my apologies to Gregory, his eyes blinked shut at the moment I hit the camera shutter)

Gregory Wenner and Alyssa Mobley at robot maze, non-tactile contest. Gregory's best time was 13.64 seconds (Gold Award) and Alyssa's best time was 15.96 seconds (Silver Award).


Ryan Mobley places non-tactile robot in maze for a run while team mate Mitchell Wesen watches. Mitchell and Ryan won the Bronze Award, elementary school division.

GEAR members (from left): Gregory Wenner, Peter Wesen, Alyssa Mobley and Ryan Mobley, each holding their non-tactile maze robot. Gregory's robot was custom built from parts, allowing him to produce a robot with high speed capability. Alyssa's robot was a club ActivityBot with enlarged wheels (notice blue rings on wheels). The wheel diameter extensions were manufactured by GEAR member Aidan Dondero utilizing the club's new 3-D printer. Peter and Ryan used Lego EV3 robots for their entries. Gregory and Alyssa programmed their robots with C language.

Alyssa Mobley places her non-tactile robot in the maze for a run.





GEAR Wins Gold at 2016 NRC!

GEAR club member Gregory Wenner won first place (gold) in the Non-Tactile Robot Maze contest, Middle School Division at the 2016 National Robotics Challenge. Congratulations Gregory! You can see Gregory in this video posted by the NRC:






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