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Quipu Project

On this page you will find photos of our members and their quipu project.


Elaine's quipo
Elaine's quipu

blue + green = number of people in my family
blue + yellow = number of pets I have
green + yellow = my horse collection
brown + organge = my grade
yellow + orange = people with ponds on my street



Lena's quipo
Lena's quipu

blue + purple = year born
pink = month born
orange + yellow = day born
green + tan = number of fair ribbons
purple + yellow = how tall in inches
orange + blue = number of people in my family
green + yellow = class number in school



Mitchell is twisting the cotton strands to make the primary cord of the quipu.

Another view of Mitchell making the primary cord.

Progress on Mitchell's quipu -- primary cord plus one pendant cord.



Last update: April 2, 2020