Dimension drawings for Marimba

Jeffrey La Favre - jlafavre@gmail.com


While the dimensions above may be helpful to you in constructing your own marimba, I would recommend that you fabricate your bars and your resonator assemblies before building a keyboard frame. After you have assembled your resonators, you will know the required spacing of the bars to ensure centering of each bar over its resonator. Then find the nodes for each bar (sprinkle salt on bar and lightly tap bar, salt will accumulate at the nodes) and mark them. After marking the nodes, layout the bars with the proper spacing to match the resonators. Lay a long straight edge gently on top of the bars and draw straight lines across the bars. The lines should come as close as possible to all of the nodes you have marked (you will find that it is not possible to run the line exactly through each marked node, but get as close as possible). In the case of the design for my marimba, you can't draw just one straight line across all bars. For example, for the natural bars you need to draw two lines, one for the bass bars and one for the treble end of the keyboard. The lines you draw on the bars marks the places where you should drill the holes for the cord. The lines also mark the position where the center of the rail should be (i.e., take your measurements for the keyboard frame from the layout of the bars).