The La Favre 5-octave marimba

Marimba from player's side.

Marimba from audience side.

The instrument above is a 5 octave marimba (C2 to C7). The bars are made from African Padouk wood, the resonator tubes are polished aluminum and the frame is maple with African Padouk inlay.

Audio Recording of Marimaba


Tuning the Marimba

CLICK HERE if you want to learn how the marimba is tuned. PLEASE BE AWARE: this linked page has many graphic images and takes a long time to load if your computer is connected to the internet by phone modem (but I hope you will find the wait worthwhile).

The Influence of Strike Position on Bar Timbre

CLICK HERE to learn why the marimba bars produce different sounds depending on where the bar is struck

Details of the La Favre Marimba

CLICK HERE for Marimba Bar and Resonator data

CLICK HERE for dimensioned drawings of the marimba

CLICK HERE photos of the building process.

CLICK HERE log of the building process.



Sources for Building Materials

Aluminum tubing for resonators: Global Technology & Engineering

Wood for bars: Exotic Woods Co.


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