Civil War Diary


The Camp Life and Campaigns


William H. Huntzinger

Member of the 79th Regiment, Indiana Volunteer Infantry, 1862 - 1865


These pages represent a reproduction of the diary of my great great grandfather, William Henry Huntzinger. The diary was handed down through the family and was published in 1971 by my grandfather, Floyd B. La Favre.

My grandfather published the diary word for word, as to the best of his ability to read the script. He did not make any corrections to spelling or grammar. I have not changed the spelling but have added punctuation (William used punctuation very sparingly). While I agree with my grandfather's decision to leave the grammar alone, for a web version I felt the text would be too tedious to read without punctuation. If you desire to read the text in the original format, please consult the printed version published in 1971.

Each chapter of the diary is packaged as one or two web pages. Therefore, file sizes are large and you must be patient in waiting for them to download. At the top of each web page there are several links; links to each month contained in the chapter and links to portions of the diary that represent unique or important information (in my subjective judgement).

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