aCamp staff, 1968 (photo supplied by Daryl Smetana).

Back row, left to right: ?, Bill Rice, John Courter, Daryl Smetana, Dave Dawson, Jim Drake, Gordon Bader, Jeff La Favre, Brad Cahoon.

Front row, left to right: Alan (Rogers?), Rick Hurd, Pat Willits, Tim ___?, ?, Robert N. (Neil) Rodgers.


Camp staff, 1968.

Back row, left to right: Bill Rice, Dave Dawson, Jim Drake, John Courter, Gordon Bader, Daryl Smetana, -- ? --, Jeff La Favre, Don Nafius (director).

Front row, left to right, Brad Cahoon, Robert N. (Neil) Rodgers, Alan (Rogers?), Tim ___?, -- ? --, Rick Hurd, Pat Willits..


Camp staff, 1969 (no photo available) - Brent Brotherton

I would like to thank Rick Hurd, Pat Willits and Daryl Smetana for supplying some of the staff names.