Katy was principal harpist with the Akron Youth Symphony. In the fall of 2006 she entered the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, where she studied percussion performance for two years. In the fall of 2008 she transferred to the Colburn School Conservatory of Music in Los Angeles to continue her studies in percussion performance.

Below you will find more about her trip to New York City in the summer of 2005.

Here is a link to other pages about Katy's harp playing.

In addition, Katy played percussion with the Cleveland Orchestra Youth Orchestra. Here is a link to a photo of Katy at a recital where she played the marimba.

Akron Youth Symphony debut at Carnegie Hall (June 12, 2005)


Carnegie Hall Playbill (program)



Portion of Music Performed at Carnegie (performed by Suburban Symphony Orchestra, 10/21/2001, Katy was second harp for this performance, but principal harp for AYS)

España times for some of harp parts are: 48 - 54 seconds, 2:56 - 3:24, and briefly starting at 6:21

Dance of the Miller's Wife (Fandango)

Other Web Sites about Carnegie Hall


http://www.midamerica-music.com/whoweare.htm MidAmerica Productions - company that arranged the concert

Photos of Stern Auditorium, Carnegie Hall, Akron Youth Symphony, Katy is playing the black harp. In top photo you can only see her arms and hands at the strings. In bottom photo you can't see Katy because the view is blocked by the harp.