Family Tree - Theodosia M. Underhill

Jeffrey La Favre







John Underhill
b. 1597 in England

John Underhill
b. 1574 in England

Honor Pawley
b. 1575 in England






David Underhill
b. 1672 in New York








Elizabeth Feake
b. 1633 in Massachusetts

Robert Feake
b. 1602 in England

Elizabeth Fones
b. 1602 in England





Peter Underhill
b. 1698

















_____ Wright














Peter Underhill
b. 1737











Abraham Alling
b. 1630 in Massachusetts

John Alling
b. 1610 in England






Abraham Alling
b. 1663









Mary Gatchell
b. 1648 in Massachusetts






Penelope Alling
b. 1704










Richard Harcutt
b. 1623 in New York







Mary Hawkhurst
b. 1666









Elizabeth Potter
b. 1631 in Connecticut

Robert Potter
b. 1608 in England

Isabel Tripp
b. 1612 in England



Isaac Underhill
b. 1767











Henry Townsend
b. 1626 in England







John Townsend
b. 1653 in New York









Ann Coles
b. 1635 in Massachusetts

Robert Coles
b. 1597 in England





John Townsend
b. 1703










Abraham Smith
b. abt. 1625 in New York

William Smith
b. 1600 in England

Ellen Hill
b. 1605 in England






Esther Smith
b. 1659









Mary Pines
b. 1630 in New York

James Pyne
b 1596 in England




Ethelinda Townsend
b. 1740











Caleb Wright
b. 1645 in Massachusetts







William Wright
b. 1680









Elizabeth Dickenson
b. 1652 in New York

John Dickenson
b. 1602 in England or b. 1630 in Massachusetts

Elizabeth Howland
b. 1631 in Massachusetts





Sarah Wright
b. abt 1706 or 1719










William Rhodes
b. 1660 in England







Elizabeth Rhodes
b. 1689 in New York









Ann Wright?
b. 1665 in England



Peter S. Underhill
b. 1807













David Selleck
b. 1610 in England







Nathaniel Selleck
b. 1645 in Connecticut or 1678 in ?









Susannah Kibby
b. 1616 in England






David Selleck
b. 1700










Robert Lockwood
b. 1600 in England







Sarah Lockwood
b. 1649 in Connecticut or 1687 in ?









Susannah Norman
b. 1616 in Massachusetts

Richard Norman
b. 1580 in England




Ebenezer Silleck
b. 1727











John Waterbury
b. 1650 in Connecticut

John Waterbury
b. 1621 in England






David Waterbury
b. 1684









Mary Wicks
b. 1660 in Connecticut






Mercy Waterbury
b. 1706

















Sarah Weed
b. 1654 in Connecticut













Betsey Silleck
b. 1780












Eliezer Slason
b. 1643 in Connecticut

George Slawson
b. 1616 in England

Mary Williams
b. 1625 in Connecticut






James Slason
b. 1681















James Slason
b. 1706










Abraham Ambler
b. 1642 in Massachusetts

Richard Ambler
b. 1611 in England






Mehetable Ambler
b. abt. 1675














Sarah Slawson











Nathaniel Howe
b. 1650 in Massachusetts







Isaac Howe
b. 1669 in Connecticut









Elizabeth Bowers
b. 1650 in Connecticut






Elizabeth Howe
b. 1708

















Elizabeth Waterbury
b. 1684 in Connecticut











Theodosia M. Underhill
b. 1843
- abt. 1926








Catherine M. Mannell















Source for Underhill names, Theodosia M. Underhill back to Robert de Underhull of Bushbury is: Underhill Genealogy edited by Josephine C. Frost and published privately in 1932 by Myron C. Taylor in the interests of the Underhill Society of America (available at Text in bold in tree above is information contained in Underhill Genealogy. Additional names and dates above were obtained from trees published at Information from this latter source should be verified. Information supplied by my mother (Barbara Barber La Favre), is personal knowledge passed to her (i.e., not gained by research), which takes this line back to Theodosia M. Underhill and Emery L. Barber.

1. Robert de Underhull of Bushbury, Staffordshire, England, b. abt 1260, living June, 1313.

2. Richard de Underhull of Wednesfield, Staffs, living in 1343.

3. Thomas Underhull of Wednesfield, Staffs, living in 1398, m. Isabella.

4. William Underhull of Wolverhampton, Staffs, living in 1423, m. Joan.

5. Nicholas Underhull Steward of the Manor of Stow Heath, near Wolverhampton, living in 1481, m. Batte of Long Compton, County Warwick.

6. John Underhill of Ettington, County Warwick, b. abt. 1450, d. 29 Nov 1518, m. 2nd Agnes Porter, d. 1526, daughter of Thomas, of Ettington

7. Thomas Underhill of Huddington, County of Warwick. b. before 1486, d. 1520 m. Anne Wynter, d. before 1546, daughter of Robert, of Huddington, Worcs

8. Hugh Underhill Keeper of the Wardrobe at Greenwich Palace, b. abt 1519, d. 1593 m. 1st unknown name, m 2nd Katherine Manning

9. Thomas Underhill son of Hugh and his first wife, Thomas was Keeper of the Wardrobe at Kenilworth Castle, and had charge of its contents, b. 1545, d. 1591, m. Magdalen Amyas, d. 1597

10. John Underhill b. about 1574, d. 1608 in Holland, held land at Kenilworth, 1591, in London, 1601, m. Honor (or Onora or Honors or Leonora) Pawley, d. about 1650, in Newport, R. I., as wife of Richard Morris.

11. John Underhill b. 1597 Bagington, Warwickshire, England d. 21 Jul 1672 Killingworth, Oyster Bay, Long Island m. 1st Heÿlken (Helena) de Hooch m. 2nd Elizabeth Feake (1633-1675)

12. David Underhill son of John and Elizabeth, b. 1 Feb 1671/1672 Oyster Bay, Long Island, New York d. 1708 m.1st _____? Wright (1675- ) m. 2nd Hannah Forman

13. Peter Underhill son of David and ____? Wright b. abt 1698 m. Penelope Alling (1704- )

14. Peter Underhill b. 1737 m. Ethelinda Townsend (1740-1803)

15. Isaac Underhill b. 1767 d. 1831 m. Betsey Silleck (1780-1862)

16. Peter Silleck Underhill b. 1807 Nassau, Oyster Bay, New York d. 1877 m. Catherine Matilda Mannell (1804-1877)

17. Theodosia M. Underhill b. 1843 Brooklyn, New York d. 1926/1927 m. Emery L. Barber (1837-?)

18. Theodore Underhill Barber b. 1885 Brooklyn, New York d. 1952 North Whittier Heights, California m2. Virginia R. Mowry (1900-1970)

19. Barbara V. Barber b. 1927 North Whittier Heights, California d. July 11, 2005 Hacienda Heights, California m. Howard F. La Favre

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