Floyd and Agnes La Favre



Floyd and Agnes - wedding photo

Bana - Agnes La Favre - enjoying Melanie's second birthday party in Whittier. Bana would have been 89 years old here. Agnes lived to be 94. - Barbara La Favre

Beardshear Church, Dayton, Ohio, where Floyd was a student pastor 1933 - 1935.

Bonebrake Seminary, Dayton, Ohio, where Floyd obtained his B.Div. and M.Div. degrees.


Church in Great Falls, Montana, where Floyd was pastor.

Floyd at Bell Memorial Church on the 70th anniversary of the church, May 23, 1982.

Dr. Floyd B. La Favre and Agnes E. La Favre - Floyd was awarded his Doctorate of Divinity in 1935.

Doctor of Divinity
Nov. 28, 1893 - Nov. 26, 1983

(A tribute by his brother, John Ivan La Favre)
Nov. 28, 1983

Physically, Floyd had a good opportunity for early growth, but he had to be encouraged to eat, when he was a boy, he told me. The parental farm provided, not only nourishing food, but plenty of exercise and work. I recall seeing him on a load of hay by the barn, setting the big fork that would carry big bites of hay into the barn on a track, as I led the horse that pulled the rope. I saw him cut trees for fuel, during Christmas vacation from college. Many years he provided for his family by working a garden. Even in retirement, he was a persistent exerciser, to almost 90 years of age.

Mentally, Floyd had a extra amount of motivation to learn. He was so bent on the books, even in the elementary grades of the rural school, that his doctor recommended that he stay out of school for a few weeks in the springtime, so he could get needed exercise and fresh air while helping plant the fields and garden. At the community spelling bees, he could spell down the school teachers. He was the smallest in his Afton High School freshman class, but he grew to manhood while there, and was graduated in 1912 as valedictorian of his class. After his graduation from college in 1916, he taught in the Academy on the same campus at University Park, Iowa. While there he encouraged his sisters and brother to prepare to go to college. Later, during the 1920s, he taught college courses in Los Angeles, California. He was a scholar. While serving as pastor at Harlem, Montana, he asked me to order him a Hebrew grammer book, for I was then managing the John Fletcher College bookstore at University Park. He saved up an educational fund, took his wife Agnes, and the children, Rozelle, Howard, Ruth and Gerald, to Dayton, Ohio, so he could attend seminary. After graduation there, he served pastorates and districts in Montana and California, continuing his church school teaching until recently.

Spiritually, Floyd sought to be in close touch with God from early life. I remember that he asked me, when I was a boy, about my relationship with God. He helped me to give this serious consideration and action. He felt called to be a minister. I recall, while he was still single, he was looking in a big catalogue at pictures of bicycles, for he needed transportation on a county circuit near Moravia, south of Albia, Iowa. He was asked to conduct a funeral for a child at Otterbein Chapel, near our farm home, west of Thayer, Iowa. Floyd drove our father's Buick in the prosession. It was the first automobile prosession to a funeral that I had seen. Others had been with horses. Before his marriage, he preached some at Broken Bow, Nebraska, but he and Agnes served a couple of years at Ogden, Iowa, at Batten Chapel, and drove a Model T Ford for transportation. Later years they used later cars, and even a trailer home, so they could carry the Gospel of Christ. As Richard E. Byrd flew the Floyd Bennett plane over the South Pole to bring back scientific knowledge, Floyd Bennett La Favre, everywhere he traveled, brought the life saving truth of Jesus Christ. He persevered, remarkably, in body, mind and spirit.

Hospital in Hollywood, California, where Howard La Favre was born

Howard La Favre, Harlem, Montana

Howard Floyd La Favre, 9 months old - living in Harlem, Montana

Howard - just over one year old

Howard - Quartermaster School, San Diego, California

Howard - Shanghai, China 1945

Howard (2 years old) and sister Rozelle, Harlem, Montana - by the first house


Second La Favre house in Harlem, Montana


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