Additional Frequencies Near the Fundamental Mode

Jeff La Favre

The lateral and torsional modes for bars D4 through C7 were examined in part four of the pages covering these modes. The lateral and torsional modes for these bars do not vibrate at frequencies close to the fundamental mode. Therefore, we should not expect to see any beating patterns in the wave traces of bars D4 through C7 due to beating against the fundamental. However, there are a number of bars in this range for the La Favre marimba that clearly have beating patterns when the bars are analyzed with the resonators in place. The B4 bar has a very strong beating pattern for example. But when the B4 bar is analyzed without the resonator in place, there is no beating pattern in the wave trace envelope. I am currently investigating resonator tuning, which appears to be the cause of the beating patterns found and will report my findings on this page when completed.




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