Andrew & Mary's Iowa Farm House - date unknown


This image is from a photocopy of the original photograph. I hope to obtain a scan of the original in the future. Date of photo unknown.

Andrew & Mary's Iowa Farm House - 2007

East Side of House - July 25, 2007. Look carefully between the two second floor windows and you can see the brick of the chimney. Then look at photo below taken two months later.

East Side of House - September 24, 2007. Sometime between July 25 and September 24, the second floor for the front portion of the house collapsed, taking the chimney with it. Look between the windows of the second floor and you can see the absence of the chimney. Curiously, the top portion of the chimney is still in place, supported by the roof. I would not be surprised to find that the coming winter will be too much for this house and at least the front part will collapse.

South and East Sides of House - July 25, 2007. In this photo you can see the joists of the second floor hanging unsupported behind the collapsed porch roof.

Second floor collapsed - September 24, 2007. On the left is the collapsed porch roof. On the right you can see what is remaining of the front second floor, now collapsed, with the north portion leaning up against the north wall of the room. It is apparent that many shingles on the roof are now missing and the weather will take this house down soon. I feel very fortunate to have seen this house before its complete collapse.

Stairs to second floor. Pillar with dark hole is chimney, the stove pipe was connected to chimney at hole. The second floor was not heated. The interior walls and ceiling are lath and plaster. - September 24, 2007

Basement of house (note brick foundation)- September 24, 2007

North and West Sides of House - July 25, 2007

House was constructed ca. 1884.

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