Andrew & Mary's Iowa Farm - 2007

Overview of farm from Quince Road (the segment of Quince Road that crosses section 20, where it jogs to the east between 300th St. and 400th St.). View is to the west and slightly north.

View of farm from 300th St. (telephoto lens). View is to the north and slightly west. Unlike all other photos on this page, this one was taken July 20, 2007.

Barn closest to the house. View is to the south west.

Second barn. View to the south and slightly east. Note the dark green soybean crop in background, which is the adjacent farm to the east in section 20. Access "road" to farm runs along the border of the soybean crop (near the east section line separating sections 19 and 20). In the distance, just left of barn roof (and trees in distance), is Quince Road. The farm "road" lines up more or less with Quince Road (the segment that runs south from 300th St.).

I believe this is a chicken coop, which is located to the north and east of the house.


I think you know what this is! A two-seat outhouse (the other seat is behind the door). Probably a good idea for a large family. Located near the Northwest corner of the house.

Photos taken July 25, 2007.

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